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Sensory Smart Tips

Sensory Diet Activities
Temperature Changes
To Do Lists
Block Out Background Noise
Active Lifestyle
Anxiety, Step By Step
Testing Accommodations
Car and Bus Rides
Thanksgiving Tips
Socks and Shoes
Oral Comforts
Putting Away and Organizing Toys
Serve Healthy Foods Again and Again
Art Class
Time Away and Proprioceptive Input for Regrouping
Winter Clothing (hats, mittens, scarves, etc.)
Auditory Sensitivities
Foreheads, Heads, and Headbanging
Alter Test Layouts
Waiting in Line
Bike Riding
Vacation Routine
Calm Down Before Bedtime
Gardening As Part of Sensory Diet
Car Rides and Bus Rides part 2
Rummage Sales and Bargains
Swimming part one
Swimming part two
Potty Training
Responding to Insensitive Comments
Conserve Words
Nail Clipping
Predictable snack
Classroom proproception
Get to know your child’s team at school
Fine Motor Skill Activities
Calm Yourself Calm Your Child
Journaling to Discover Patterns

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